A few hundred years past since the world was subjected to planet wide bombardment by Darth Malak’s fleet on his hunt for Revan. The Republic had made efforts over the years to rebuild settlements and tame the now rampant wildlife but has almost stalled efforts due to the war. The recent treaty has allowed them to restart development on this now “neutral” border world, something the Sith would gladly see made difficult.


Now mostly destroyed, Taris used to be a bustling city world much like Coruscant, situated at the junction of multiple trade routes in the mid rim.
The surface of Taris has now been taken over by swamps and the ruins of collapsed skyscrapers. The lower levels of the old city are intact in places and form the foundation of the newly developed buildings in the Republic Resettlement Zone.

Outside the secured Resettlement Zone, the ruined landscape is dominated by dangerous predators and poisonous Rakghoul, which also flourish in the lower levels.
Life is similar to the old Taris, with the rich living in the safe upper city, and the poor making do in the dangerous lower levels or in settlements in the ruins.


The empire holds a few small outposts on the world, they mainly aim to weaken the Republics presence, and secretly try to thwart their efforts to make a settlement claim on the world.


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