STAR WARS: Heat of the Cold

"Look at me, I am the captain now"

Act 1, Session 3

The party boards the cockpit part of the ship and come under attack from the captain and his pirate gang crew. The boarding crew that was jettisoned out of the ship early were able to return to the airlock and also join the fight.

As they get desperate the captain tries to detach and fly away to engage hyperspace.
Some in the party stop the crew from taking off and ensure that their ship is locked in the cargo ship’s tractor beam.

Now that all the crew have either been killed or captured and the ship under control, the party searches the astrogation computer for where the ship has been regularly traveling from. The planet Taris continues to come up, explaining the strange Rakghoul poisoned weapons and stims that the pirate gangsters used.

The Party must prepare for what’s ahead as their findings will likely urge further investigation once reported back to the council.



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