General Barthut (Tom)

Interstellar Badass by day, Morale booster and Human Beer Keg by night, this imperial general will stop at nothing to fulfil the wishes of his superiors




Good gun skills, some cybernetic augmentations, very slightly force sensitive – enough to give him greater tactical sense when engaging his flotilla in large scale combat. General Barthut does not know of his sensitivity however, and he places his tactical prowess solely on his own skill

Right hand man to a sith lord, and commander of an imperial flotilla, General Barthut quickly rose through the ranks by his fierce and cold hearted “go explode em” attitude. Barthut prefers to lead by example when he can, inspiring the men of his flotilla to great victories in the past. His selection into the “a team?” was made by personal request of a sith lord (possibly player character?) previously in command of him.

General Barthut (Tom)

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