Lord Castarl Engle

A Sith sorcerer and historian seeking ancient knowledge


From the dark side corruption in his eyes to the black robes he dons, it is clear that Lord Castarl Engle is a dark side force wielder of unquestionable power. A thick grey beard and furrowed brow tell of his age and the ancient horrors he has seen and conquered. Venerable though he may be, he still stands tall and proud in service of the Empire.


After a lifetime spent on Dromund Kaas researching lost knowledge and ancient Sith lore from the days before the Great Hyperspace War, Castarl has learned much that was hidden away in the depths of musty tombs and hidden archives. Studying the ways of the force from the ancient Sith magicians who came before, he has made his way through the ranks of the Empire and earned the title Lord. His abilities have made him many enemies however, and to them his old age is seen as a weakness, but with age comes experience, and Lord Engle feels he is more than capable of dealing with any enemy that dares threaten the peace and unity of the Empire.

Lord Castarl Engle

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